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Chork Ratana is één van de studenten van NFC en hij heeft het onderwijs project op het platteland bedacht en opgezet. Ratana zei over de Countryside Education Project: “I am very glad to work on this project because my previous situation was similar to these children’s. Before I came to NFC, I used to live in this underprivileged community. I did not have a chance to study because the community is so poor and I have no parents to support me. When I lived there, I always felt very sad when I saw other children go to school. But I never gave up my dream that one day I would get a chance to study as well. Thanks to NFC, the MidwayHouse, and my sponsor (Virginie), I currently live in a safe environment, and I am receiving higher education. I really wanted to pass on my knowledge to other children and give these children a chance to study as well. I can now help others, after NFC has helped me. Sincere thanks to Emily Cohen from The Netherlands who has funded this amazing project, and who also continues to support the MidwayHouse as well as NFC.”